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Neural NLP

Human Brain Processing of Received Information?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers to understand human natural languages. It focuses on the interaction between the computer and the human and involves the development of algorithms that enable computers to tag, label, classify and interpret human language in a way that is valuable and meaningful.

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Content Translation

The challenging issues of Arabic Software Localization

When software products are developed for distribution in a locale, technical issues affecting software development and the subsequent localisation process must be considered. Localisation is not a matter of transferring technology to a target market. It is a cultural conventions that must be handled in computer programmes to give its products

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Conversation analysis Uncategorized

Conversation: A Human Interaction via Language

Conversational Analysis examines and analysing what was said, why it was said and how it was said. A key concepts in conversational analysis is the idea of "sequential organization," which explores how actions and responses are structured in conversation. This involves studying the way speakers take turns, initiate topics, respond to each other, and manage

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Communication Content Translation

Connecting Brands and Worldwide Audiences

A content could be translated to educate, engage, and, ultimately, share knowledge with a community of people, be it for business use, social or research—e.g., blog posts, white papers, videos, pod casts, etc.— Translating a content is attuning content to a specific audience that speaks a different language or is located in another geographical area.